6:23 PM Harts for Africa 1 Comments

In 2015 we held community meetings in a remote location to see how we could further assist a community. The result of these meetings was the need to connect the community to the district centre by building a road.
We held meetings with the local government, which resulted in a visit to the community by the Administrator, who is the highest leader at district level.
The Administrator recognised the need to connect this community and took action.  Recently I met with the community leader who was positively beaming, his community is now less isolated as they have their new road.
Studies show that roads improve community development dramatically. The community I am talking about produces great crops but has been struggling to get them to market.  By having a road, not only can trucks come to collect produce, but also regular transport can operate to move people to and from the district centre, assisting in health care and education.
The community thanked us for raising their issue to the local government, stating that they lack a voice to see change made. I would like to thank the Administrator for taking action on building the road and am grateful for the asset the district now has.
Currently the district is bone dry as the wet season is near, wells are drying up and food is scarce. In the past few days this community has received great rain, giving them a head start on planting their crops. The unity among the people and their determination to improve their community has sure become a blessing for them.