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Does God speak to you? Of course He does the real question is have you trained yourself to hear Him? We can hear God a number of ways, we should never limit how God can speak to another person based on our own experience. We can however look at the bible and see how God chose to speak to others throughout history.
I currently feel God is speaking to me about trusting Him more which takes greater faith. God called me to walk in His purpose for me which is bigger than I can dream of, and impossible for me to achieve without His help.
We as a family, have lived by faith for years and surprisingly it does not seem to get any easier. I think this is due to each faith step getting larger. If we could live out God's plan for our lives in our own strength that would not take faith or trust.
The biggest battle is in the mind, we can imagine all the things that can go wrong, the key is to focus instead on the promises God has made to us.
So kids hang on to your hats, this could get bumpy but it sure will be an adventure.