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Psalm 72 shows us what can change in a nation when moral economics overcomes corruption.

A nation plagued with corruption, is a nation where the people will never prosper. Leaders have an opportunity to create an environment where all people of the nation are able to increase their living standards.

The writer pleads with God to help him be a King that acts with justice and righteousness. The results of a righteous leadership, the mountains bear prosperity for the people. How often does the wealth of the land assist a few people and the majority live in poverty? The good news is that when the moral standard of a society grows, the economy of the nation will also grow.

An African proverb says that there is no justice between a rich man and a poor man. These things will change when values change. Money can be more important than everything else in a person's life, causing it to become a master over that person. When this is the case moral values decline, as people do anything they can to store up wealth. The same person can choose to put God first and love their neighbour as themselves, placing money in its rightful place as a tool used by a person to answer the needs of life.

Sending aid to poor nations is like covering an infection with a band-aid, unless the wound is clean and the infection dealt with, no long term change will occur. That's why we need to build an influential church that disciples national leaders into becoming all they can be in Christ.

When a government has a system that is just and fair for all, other nations will want to trade with them and show friendship. Food becomes abundant and the people flourish. Please pray with us that leaders of the African nations increase in justice and righteousness, that God provides discipleship to them through faithful people.

To assist us to build the church that Africa needs, you can go to http://www.accipartners.org.au/m200_hart_church