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In 2015 Kim and I decided we could use some fitness so we started cross-fit. 12 months later & I could count on my hands the number of sessions I had done. The fact that I didn't enjoy it and had to push myself every session, depleted my drive. More noticeable was the fact I didn't have any real goals.
Well in 2016 we had a renewed effort on the fitness front but this time it was running. Armed with a free app we attempted to go from couch to 5km in 13 weeks and I am pleased to say we both achieved the goal. In December we completed a number of 5km Parkruns and improved our times over a month. I know I will stop running if I don't have a goal, so I set one, to run 5km in 20 minutes which is 6 minutes faster than my best time. To do this I need to be training constantly and eating well. Another free app I have helps me to track my food habits and its interesting to note the useless kilojoules I have a habit of eating so I am cutting down on these and finding it simple as I have a goal to achieve.
The key to doing anything well is goal setting, I have goals within the ministry, my walk with God and have been challenged to write a goal for my relationships, particularly with Kim and the kids. 
We are all time poor and recently I heard a SAS soldier saying that he exercises at 4:00 am every morning because there is nobody around to disturb him. He has a great point, if we wait to fit exercise into our day we won't have room, so I set the alarm for 5:00am (I am no SAS soldier) and go for a run every second day. Then I read 4 chapters of the bible and pray. By the time 8:00am comes around I am ready to start my day and feel so much better for it.
Interestingly the more I do and the greater my self-discipline, the more rewarding my days are. To be active is one of the secrets to a fulfilled life.