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2 Tim 4: 3 For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

When we don't have a standard to test what we believe against, we will believe anything that seems right to us. This is how mythology and false religion start. Fortunately we have God's word to test what we hear against. Unfortunately the media and the loudest voices, in our society do not have a standard to base what they believe against, so they use what makes them feel good or what agrees with the way they want to live, as the test of truth. 
It seems society is going further down the rabbit hole as the anchor of the truth is being ignored further and further. Random violence, drug use and sexual promiscuity seem to be on the rise, as people experiment with experiences trying to find the purpose of life. This can't be found outside of God. 
As believers we need to recognise general society are seeking what we have, but in the wrong places. We are not to follow them nor condemn them, but to be true to what we know, living life to the fullest and continuing to test what we hear and see, against the word of God. 



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We have heard it said that Christianity is a mile wide and an inch deep in Africa. This could also be said in many parts of the world. Christianity is about being changed into the best person you can be, by following Christ. Unfortunately many churches fail to teach people how to grow into themselves. For that to change we need to disciple Africans in vibrant, healthy churches. If these churches become large enough they will start to shape the nation.

As Christians we need to focus on helping others to grow into who they were created to be, anything else we do is temporary. When a country's government says they have had enough of churches not teaching Christianity, it's time for an example to be established, that can be a guide to good people with good hearts that may be doing the wrong thing, as they have never been demonstrated the right thing.

Inward looking churches are the norm, though are we not called to make disciples of all nations? As a family we are committed to developing nations through building healthy, committed people in a place that brings the best out of them. In turn these people can change their nation to become a place where everybody is given the opportunity to live free and with a good standard of living. The way to do this is to partner together to build an authentic church.

The best place to build this church is where the people of most influence live, the place where people come to live for a short time before returning to their homes. This place is usually the capital city of a nation.

If you see this as a worthwhile strategy as I do, why not sow into it by using the links on this page or contacting us.



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Mozambican people have taught me that you don't need to look poor if you are struggling financially.
I have seen people living on less than $2 per day, dress sharp in nice clothes, for special occasions, including a trip to the city. These people might only have one set of nice clothes, so they take care of them. This has challenged me to attempt to always look my best which has in turn actually made me feel better about myself.



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I am amazed at how the Australian media live to defend any minority group, except the church, who they love to beat up.
And it's odd that the typical Aussie does not seem to notice that the media is so anti-church. They are being fooled into believing the church has a negative impact on society.
To educate a man in mind and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society; Theodore Roosevelt. 
Australia once got it's moral code from the church. It is quite obvious that the moral values Australians once held as core values, are slowly slipping away. It's not immigration that is causing this, it is the media who are pushing their "anything that makes me feel good, I should be allowed to do" agenda.
Many people can tell me the mistakes the church has made but are unable to list the many ways churches benefit society because they have never been told the other side.
Don't be fooled people! There is a media hate campaign to bring down the most important asset we have as a nation, the church. Churches help to build productive, positive people and healthy societies. Don't take my word for it, but don't take the media's word either, go check out your local church and find out what they are doing, you will be surprised. 

To be popular is easy; to be right, when right is unpopular, is noble; Andrew Carnegie 



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Every week I am at a different church, the service format is different and the style of worship is different. Every week I connect with the Spirit of God during worship. I feel His love for me and I am uplifted.
This week I wondered how many people during the same time of worship, felt that God was not there, and would say the Spirit of God was not in this place. I have been one of those people at times and I realise now that when I choose to press in, then I feel God's love.