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Over a decade ago I was in a tough situation and not happy about it. I prayed and asked God what was going on, why was I wasting time on this when it had no long term results? His reply was a simple "I care more about who you are than what you do." It's remarkable how many times I have recalled that response over the years.

Looking back I can see the work God was doing in me. I was not the person He needed for the future plan He had, but by His grace, I am closer to being that person now.
I have become a person who is willing change anything for the sake of reaching the full potential that Jesus sees in me. A result of the way we lived for many years is that we have lost the desire to be surrounded by possessions, this has simplified life so much. In leadership I have grown and developed. I realise that personal growth in our strong points is an important focus as Jesus can use your skills and combine them with His grace and do so much more than either by themselves can achieve.

Who you are is an important starting point, there are enough fallen leaders that have set out to build the Kingdom of God, I don't wont to become another. What I want is to be someone that makes a significant impact in building God's kingdom therefore who I am is the foundation as God will direct my steps in what I do.