New Year in Nairobi

5:21 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

We have been in Kenya for the past few months. In this time we have met some great people. Kenyans are very friendly, it’s easy to strike up conversations on the bus or in a cafe. People are keen to assist when you need help. 
The church in Kenya is very traditional. Many men wear suits to church. Thomas made a comment that all the music is at least 50 years old. This is causing a disconnect by young people. Many are Christian but do not want to attend church. We have an opportunity to reach these people by establishing a relevant church. 
Society has it’s moral weaknesses. The failing that seems to affect families the most is adultery. It seem to be a common problem. 
The city of Kenya is crowded with 6.5 million people living here but it remains a special place to live. 
Kim and I visited the main public hospital to see what ministry needs are there. Long story short there are plenty. We are in the process of gaining long term permissions to minister at the hospital.