Top 100 What I love about living in Nairobi #100

6:37 PM Harts for Africa 0 Comments

I love to run in the streets. Nairobi is at high altitude, 1800m above sea level. If you have ever tracked your fitness level via VO2 my score at sea level is 43. In Nairobi currently its 39. I am effectively 10% less fit.
I can run slow knowing it's doing me good. I don't have to push the pace. In fact the opposite is true. I need to constantly slow down. There is a saying amongst runners, if you can run slower do run slower. It helps increase kilometres without hurting the body.
I look forward to the days when I am fit at Nairobi's altitude then get to run at sea level.
The temperature here is very mild so I get to run in a nice climate.
The streets are full of people even at 6am. I get to greet people as I run past or even chat to a fellow runner if we are going in the same direction.
Nairobi is very hilly. I can run very steep inclines or mild long inclines depending on where I choose to run. This is a great leg work out particularly is I chose to do short sprints up and down a hill.