Top 100 what I love about living in Nairobi. #98

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I love hospital ministry. 

Three of our connect group visited Kenyatta hospital. We first dropped in to see two abandoned babies. We were fortunate that the chaplain gave us three packs of pampers and a box of soap. We gave a pack of nappies to the nurses for the abandoned babies and some soap. 

Then we were about to walk past a ward that had two ladies and two babies. They called out "don't walk by us just because we a few". Then they told us about the cancer the babies have and pointed to the many empty beds in the ward telling us that those babies died one by one. It's was heart wrenching to think that they have seen others not make it whilst their children still have a tough fight ahead. We encouraged them handed out a few things prayed and moved on. 

The older kids were touching my white skin and hair. They asked why is my hair so strange. Maybe it's time to visit the barber!

Three wards later we were out of time, nappies and soap. The three of us felt sad to have to go but we were pleased to know that we had made an impact by encouraging in prayer and visiting. 

We will return to the wards next week.