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Our work in Africa during the past 10 years has had a significant impact in the communities we have worked with. Over those years we have had the pleasure of handing projects over to locals to continue, helping to build relationships across differing denominations and churches, whilst strengthening their biblical understanding. Helping to develop communities and working with Government to help build the nation. We know the answer to building the nation is a strong healthy church that impacts culture and helps to build moral fibre in families and businesses, whilst taking care of vulnerable people in society.     

The government supports our training programme by encouraging every church to be involved. This year we started with 85 students but the numbers were reduced to 16 due to war destroying the villages where we worked. God chose to use those 16 students in a mighty way, filling them all with the Holy Spirit, even members that came from cults. We are excited to see what they have in store for the future.

In 2016 our community development included building a road for a remote community to gain access to the district centre, giving them high school education, hospital care and access to markets. The community provided rocks and sand to help build the required bridges. The government provided machinery to construct the road.

In 2013 we handed over a school of 510 students to local leaders. It’s a blessing for us to see the school going strong in 2016 with these leaders now increasing student numbers to over 590 students, adding classrooms and staff members.

With the success, there has also been a frustration of not working with the top decision makers within churches and Government. We can bring in changes in attitudes and biblical understanding in Districts and even at a Provincial level, to then have it watered down over time by people of influence at the national level. 

To have greater ministry impact we recognise the need to work with people of greater influence. When we can shape the attitudes, habits and doctrines of the denominational church leaders and national Government leaders. That will then help to build an entire nation. We will do this by planting a church in capital cities that will grow to a size that enables us to have influence.